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Blue Screen error usually abbreviated as BSOD is a stop error displayed on a windows computer screen after a fatal system error. It also occurs during system crash that is when the operating system reaches a condition where it can no longer operate safely. Blue Screen error is usually hardware or driver related. Most of the BSOD displays a code that helps to determine the root cause of it.

Unable to fix Blue screen error on your system?

Blue screen stop error is one of the most complex issues of all. It occurs especially when Windows keep running into a continuous problem which cannot be sorted out. BSOD error can be identified by a scowling face and an error message. Here are few steps that will help you resolve the issue.

  • Restore your system.
  • Run your antivirus and anti-spyware and clear your junk files.
  • Run the Windows check disk utility.
  • Check if any software or hardware modifications are there.
  • If your driver name is in the error details, try removing or transferring to an earlier
  • Use memory diagnostic tools.
  • Manage your system resource.
  • Reset BIOS options to their default.

Is your PC restoring before you can read the stop code on Blue Screen of death?

In most of the Windows PCs you will notice that they are configured to reboot immediately after receiving a severe error like Blue Screen Error. To fix this error, you need to reboot the device by disabling the automatic restart on your system failure option.

Is hardware the cause of Blue screen error?

Blue screen error occurs for a variety of reasons. It comes up with various codes that help us to identify the cause of it. In case you find that hardware is the reason for the blue screen error, follow the steps below:

  • Replace the hardware
  • Try Updating the hardware’s firmware
  • Verify whether the hardware is on the Hardware Compatibility List
  • Check with the manufacturer for other support information

If you are using a computer, it is quite common to come across various errors and problems. Blue Screen error is a standard error that often appears. Sometimes it is quite difficult to resolve it on your own. We have acquired a team of professionals who are efficient to provide you with the best-proven solution for your Windows error. For a reliable Blue Screen Error Service, contact us soon at our support number. Our team is well experienced to provide you with an instant service whenever you need.

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