Avail Ultimate Hacks To Resolve Dell Error Code 2000 0333

Error code 2000 0333 generally appears on the Dell computers due to some internal glitches. However, there can be several reasons as to why you can encounter this problem.

Some of the most usual causes are that if the driver of the graphics/display adapter has become obsolete. Even, you can encounter this error if the BIOS is not up to date. Besides, if there is an issue in the user interface of the Dell computer, there can be a chance to come across this issue.

This is why read this article to get the best solutions to get rid of this glitch. Here, we have provided a detailed description of the solutions that will make your task much easier.

Methods to Fix the Error Code 2000 0333 on Dell Computer:

Tired of recurring Error code 2000 0333? Unable to resolve the error? Do not worry, as here are some of the expert’s solutions that will help you to eradicate the error without much hassle. Hence, follow the methods accurately.

Perform an Update of the Graphics Card Driver

When the driver of the graphics card present within the Dell machine is not up to date, then there is a possibility for you to encounter this issue. The best way to eliminate this problem is to do a proper update of the display card driver.

In order to do that, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, tap the combination of both the keys ‘Windows + R’ simultaneously. This will launch a new dialog box called ‘Run’.
  • Within that dialog box, type the following information “devmgmt.msc” on the empty space present on the right side of the label ‘Open:’. After that, press the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, a new window will show up, with the name ‘Device Manager’. Inside that window, you will get all the devices and their respective driver on a list.
  • Next, from that list, locate and then choose the device category ‘Display adapters’. After that, click on the arrow icon at the front of the chosen device category to reveal the sublist.
  • Then, from that sublist select the driver and right-click on it. Now, from the popup menu that comes up, choose the ‘Update driver’ option. As soon as, you click on the option that is mentioned on the previous line, then another dialog box will come up.
  • Inside that dialog box, there will be two links present. Out of those two options, choose the first one that says ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.
  • At this moment, the Windows OS will look for any updates for the driver of the ‘Display adapter’ device category. If there are any updates available for this driver, then that will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Repeat the fifth, sixth and seventh steps respectively on this point to update all the other drivers of this device category.
  • Once all the drivers of the ‘Display adapters’ are up to date, then restart the computer.
  • At last, check if this issue comes up or not.

Execute the PSA Diagnostics

When there are any problems with the user interface then you will have to run the Dell diagnostic tool, in order to rectify this problem. Basically, the name of this tool is PSA Diagnostics. Here are the steps on how to run this tool.

  • First, reboot the Dell computer.
  • When the computer boots up once again then at the screen where the ‘Dell’ logo comes up, tap on the ‘F12’ key.
  • When the ‘One Time Boot’ menu comes up, then tap on the ‘Down’ arrow key. This will mark the ‘Diagnostic’ option. After that, tap on the ‘Enter’ key to start ‘PSA or Preboot System Assessment’
  • Now, wait for the diagnostic tool to complete its task. Next, take note of the error code that comes up within a list.
  • At last, see what is the meaning of this error from the official website of the Dell and try to fix it accordingly.

BIOS Update Procedure of the Dell Computer

If the BIOS or Basic Input /Output System of the Dell computer gets corrupt somehow, then you see that many types of error codes are appearing along with error code 2000 0333. Thus to avoid any kind of critical system problems, follow the steps beneath.

  • First, open the web browser and then go to an official Dell website in it. Inside the website, select the ‘Support’ section and then find the latest version of the BIOS for the machine.
  • Once you get the current version of the BIOS file, then download it.
  • After the download process gets over, then double-click on it to execute the setup file.
  • When a new window comes up, then follow the information that shows up in it to complete the installation process.
  • Tap on the ‘Continue’ button at the end of this installer window and restart the computer.
  • Finally, during the next startup process, the BIOS update will initiate.

Final Recommendation…

If the issue discussed in this article cannot be resolved even after the execution of the Dell laptop diagnostic procedure, then do not worry.

Provide the details about the query that you are encountering on the comment section that is present at the bottom of this page. Else, you can directly contact us for experts help.

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