Troubleshoot Dell Speakers Not Working| Technical Hacks To Resolve Audio Issues

Speakers in your Dell laptop or PC is a delicate component and it can stop working due to various reasons. Many users have observed that Dell speakers not working especially because of hardware defects. But, there are some, who blames incorrect audio settings for creating this malfunction in Dell’s internal speakers.

If you are currently facing this error regarding Dell computer speakers not working, go through this article thoroughly. It will help you to understand the underlying problems that can generate sound issues in Dell PC.

In order to resolve this error by applying some technical methods, you can refer to this article to learn the fixes. So, let’s begin with the possible causes, which can trigger audio problems in your Dell speakers.

Solutions to Consider if Dell Speakers not Working on Your Device:

In order to resolve the problem of Dell speakers not working, it is necessary to understand the reasons at first. Hence, before discussing the solutions to fix the audio error, know why speakers stopped to respond.

Apply the Fixes if Dell Audio System Have Following Issues

Dell speakers can stop to work if the volume and mute buttons are not activated/deactivated accordingly. So, make sure that the device’s mute button is not pressed while adjusting the volume buttons.

Sometimes, speakers can generate sound issues when audio software is not up to date.

If the sound card is corrupted or damaged somehow, Dell speakers can stop responding.

In case, the computer’s playback service is not set as default audio, it might also stop working.

Methods to Fix Sound Problems in Dell Device:

If you notice that your Dell laptop speakers not working anymore, you can try the following solutions.

Solution 1- Thoroughly Examine Dell’s Power Cord and Cables

The first thing you need to do is to check whether the connecting cords and cables are working perfectly. Also, make sure that the speakers attached to your Dell device are receiving power from the computer’s port or external supply unit.

So, after powering on the speakers, confirm that it is ‘On’ by seeing the indications on the power LED. In case, the power button does not exist separately, change the position of volume dial on speakers.

If Dell speakers are unable to receive power from the supply, remove the cables and re-insert it. Also, check the working status of the AC Adapter, and secure its connection to the mains power socket.

Try not to utilize any bridge connection or extension for connecting speakers to the supply unit. The reason why Dell monitor speakers not working can also include connecting the audio device to main power via extension circuit.

So, if the supply outlet is not causing this error, a defective AC adapter can prevent speakers to work. Hence, you can replace the faulty device with a working one, which supports Dell speakers.

Solution 2- Use Audio Cables Re-seating Technique

First, confirm that you are connecting proper cables from the sound device to the computer. Now, make sure that the audio cables are reseated properly while inserting them into the speakers and computer.

Also, check if your PC is having an audio card in its expansion slot. In some devices, you can find this sound card in the form of audio integration within the computer’s motherboard.

During the process of reseating the audio cables, try to confirm that the sound card doesn’t have any issue. Also, confirm that you are connecting the cable to the accurate port to make the speakers work.

As this method is time-consuming and needs proper technical steps, you can contact a Dell expert. They can suggest best stepwise guidance to reseat the audio cables and fix the audio error.

Solution 3- Set Volume Levels and Dell Speakers as Default Audio

You can start by checking the mute button and make sure that it is not enabled. So, try the following steps.

Step 1

Locate the icon of Volume Control on your computer’s desktop and right-click on it.

From the list, choose the option of ‘Playback devices’ and it will display the audio devices installed on your PC.

Here, you have to ensure that Dell speakers are enabled and ready for use. So, you can find this by observing if the audio icon has a green tick sign beside it. In case, the check mark is missing or you see a red down arrow next to the speakers, it indicates this error.

Hence, select the audio device that is not working anymore and click on the ‘Configure’ button. Remember, this specific step is only for configuring Dell speakers and not for headphones.

Step 2

Now, in order to check if the speaker has been configured properly, right-click on its icon. Then, choose ‘Test’ in order to make sure that the sound device is working properly in your PC.

Next, click on the tab of ‘Communications’ and click on the correct audio device. Then right-click on the speakers/headphones symbol and choose the option of ‘Properties’.

You can now set your preferred audio settings to fix this speakers issue by clicking on each tab separately. This includes Advanced, Enhancements, Levels and General on the ‘Speakers/Headphones Properties’ window.

After setting the desired volume levels and testing its audio output, click on the ‘OK’ button. Hopefully, now your Dell speakers will work again without generating any kind of error.

Solution 4- Update your Dell Sound Driver

If you are unable to troubleshoot this speakers issue by applying the above methods, try to update or reinstall the Dell audio drivers.

How to Resolve the Sound Error on your Dell Device by Updating Drivers?

First, click on the Windows Start button (for Windows users) and locate ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’. Then right-click on it and select the option ‘Manage’.

As the ‘Management’ window appears on your desktop, go to ‘Device Manager’. Now, locate the ‘+’ sign beside ‘Sound, Video and Game Controllers’ and click on it.

If you observe any error sign or yellow triangle next to this device, it indicates speakers issue. So, right-click on this option and choose ‘Properties’ from the drop-down menu.

Then select ‘Update the driver’ and wait for Windows to install the latest audio drivers updates. In order to update sound drivers manually, you can contact a Dell technician to obtain the updated program.

So, in this article, you came across some of the underlying issues which can make Dell speakers non-responsive. It has also discussed some technical solutions in order to resolve this audio problem and restore a sound device. In case, the problem persists and you want effective fixes from experts, you can also consult the Dell technicians. They can suggest you advanced methods for checking the working status of sound cards and repair or replace them. Hence, to obtain solutions for fixing speakers in Dell or other device brands at an affordable rate, you can also call our experts.

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